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Mall-Central.com is for your store-front Antique or Crafter Mall, LARGE or small.


We provide an easy and affordable way to UPLOAD YOUR STORE SALES quickly and securely.

Mall-Central.com can help you:

  • increases your store sales
  • creates additional revenue (pays for itself)
  • frees up your valuable time
  • keeps your store stocked
  • helps retain & attract crafters and dealers
and it helps your Dealers SUCCEED.

Just think, fewer phone calls and more time for you to do the other important things. With Mall-Central.com, your Dealers can find out, without asking you, what they sold and what needs to be restocked. Not only will your Dealers be more profitable at what they do, but they will be at your store more often with the right merchandise. Perfect for Remote Dealers, too.

Mall-Central.com is compatible with your existing Point-of-Sale (POS) system. Whether you record your sales manually or with a professional POS system, we can provide you the means of uploading your sales data automatically and provide your Dealers access to their sales info via password access.

Once you start using Mall-Central.com, you and your Dealers will see results immediately. One of our participating stores had an opportunity to tell their story and it was published in a national trade publication. Article about Exit 76 Antique Mall and Mall-Central.com.

Here is a Sample Store as a Demo Mall.
You will be logged in automatically but just for your reference:
the Store ID is samplestore and the password is fortest.

For the Store Owner:

  • Easy & Simple to use
    • We keep it simple to use and easy to follow
    • Functions and capabilities added upon request
  • Automatic upload of your sales data
    • Special utility program for automatic, unattended uploading of your files and always under your control
  • Secure techniques to keep your data safe
    • Sensitive data files not directly accessible via the web
    • Store computer system not vulnerable to hackers
  • Works with most, if not all, Point-of-Sale PC based systems
    • Supply us a sample of your data file and we will customize your account for a nominal charge
  • Pays for itself by GENERATING additional revenue
    • Some Malls charge their Dealers for on-line access (ie $1 to $2 per month) and add it to their booth or space fees
  • Increases everyone's efficiency
    • Reduces phone calls from your dealers
    • Informs your dealers exactly what they need to bring to restock - no more wasted trips
    • Keeps remote dealers informed about stock status
    • Accurate reports - no more mis-understandings
  • Provides additional services for EVERYONE
    • 24/7 access to sales information for YOU and your dealers
    • more productive trips to the store
  • Crafters and Dealers consider this an INVALUABLE SERVICE
    • helps retain crafters and dealers
    • helps attract new crafters and dealers
For the Dealer, Crafter, and Vendor:
  • Check your sales before you leave home
  • No more wasted trips
  • Remote crafters: get sales info more often
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Antique or Crafter's Mall (Application Form)
  • Less than $1/day
  • Starting at up to 200 dealers (crafters)
  • $10 per month for each additional 100 dealers (crafters)
  • Standard Account allows uploading of up to 45 days worth of sales
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