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INTRODUCTION started as a site to allow Craft Malls to provide daily sales information to their crafters online. The concepts developed here work equally well for Antique Malls, too. The whole process is automatic (ie uploading of sales data files) and requires very little upkeep on the part of the store owner.

The next phase was the addition of a Virtual Mall. It soon became apparent that this could become a "hub" for store owners, dealers, and shoppers. Hence the name

Unlike other Virtual Malls on the Internet, this one was specifically designed to work for and with existing brick and mortar store fronts. The Virtual Mall was designed for the convenience of the consumer to be able to "shop" on-line and have the option to pick up the merchandise. Hence, the reason for the Location Search by zipcode. Also note the name of the store is displayed with every item searched.

The Shopping Cart was designed specifically for this site. Orders are separated and passed to the respective stores and from there the store can print Special Order Forms for their dealers and make arrangements for payment and pickup from the customer.

This provides links for:
Instructions: You are here!
Dealer Page: If you are a Dealer, Vendor, or Crafter then this is where you want to go to maintain your on-line merchandise and to check your daily sales at the store(s) you participate in.
Manager Page: If you are a Store Owner/Manager then this is the page from where you configure for your store, to upload the sales data file, and to add dealers to your account.
About US: A little statement about Standard Interface Systems and who we are.
You may limit your search by geographic area. All merchandise displayed here is available for pickup at a local Mall or Dealer near you. This will give you the option to either pick it up or have it shipped from the closest location. Either leave these fields blanks to search everywhere or limit your search by entering the first two or three numbers of your zip code.
Are you looking for Teddy Bears or any kind of Plush? A Tiffany Lamp or an End Table? Maybe something old and Victorian or something Country. Whatever you are looking for you can be specify it here.
Are you price sensitive or you know what you are looking for is within a certain price range. Use these fields to help you search.
Some of our Crafters can customize to suit. If that is what you are looking for then checking this box will show only those items that can be customized.

Depending on your ISP bandwidth you may or may not want to change the default value of displaying 20 items per page.

Chocolate chip or Oatmeal. Well, how about neither. uses "cookies" to give you a pleasant Internet experience at our site. These technical "cookies" allow us to store and keep track of your order numbers using your computer.

Please DO NOT DELETE your cookie file or any cookies associated with If you do you will have a more difficult time checking your order status unless you write each order number down. Believe me, it is easier to let your computer do this for you.

The only information we store in your cookie file is your order number. That's it. We do not store confidential information in your cookie file.

All Merchants on this system have qualified as brick & mortar Storefronts. In otherwords, they are a legitimate business as far as we can tell. We have on file copies of their business license, resellers permit, yellowpage ad, fictitious business name statement, and the names of the principles. This information is considered public knowlege and will be released to anyone requesting it. Any dispute over service and/or merchandise needs to be dealt with the Merchant and/or your Card Issuer and not Standard Interface Systems. However, please report any problems to us.

Individual Dealers, Crafters, and Vendors on this system do not have access to your credit card information and payment to them will require some other form of payment (ie PayPal).

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