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Now to help you with MALLUPLD.EXE

Perhaps a simple test.

Create a batch file using NOTEPAD or WORDPAD or some text editor with this single line of text:

MALLUPLD.EXE -password3ddu711 -v -z -S .tmp /your_directory MALLUPLD.EXE

all on one line and save it as TESTMC.BAT in a new directory called TESTMC.

your_directory must be exactly as what is listed on your Store Page for the Upload Directory

Copy MALLUPLD.EXE into your TESTMC directory.

Now execute that batch file from the DOS prompt by changing the directory to TESTMC and typing:


and hit the RETURN key.

If you dont want to create a batch file and you are a careful typist then you can just type in the one line command above directly from the DOS PROMPT (aka COMMAND PROMPT).

To get to the DOS PROMPT window go to the START button and find Applications or Accessories and you should find something called DOS or COMMAND PROMPT. Selecting it will give you a window with a black screen.

Just type in the line above very carefully and hit return.

You should see a message indicating that an upload is trying to take place and then a connection has been made and that it will take a minute or two.

Regardless whether it is successful or not you can do this as often as you like until you are comfortable that it works everytime. You can upload MALLUPLD.EXE over and over again (which is what the line above does).

Now you can try to get a batch file to work. Then you can try uploading a file other than MALLUPLD.EXE by changing the line to:

MALLUPLD.EXE -password3ddu711 -v -z -S .tmp /your_directory your_file

where your_file can be any file on your computer that you place in the TESTMC directory. There is no need to upload a large file so please keep the file size small.

Call me and I'll check to see if it actually uploaded your file. Better yet, I have made it possible for you to see the contents of your upload directory. Go to your Store Page and after you log-on you will see the short list of files in your directory in the middle of the blue section. After each upload refresh the Store Page and you should see the new filename appear. Of coarse, if you upload the same file over and over again you won't see this list change.

Eventually, The Store Owner using A.A.I.N. Fastrack software will create a new sales report file named:


which is the default name assigned by the software. I think the software gives the option to export plain text or RTF type files. I chose RTF format thinking it would be the easiest to parse. Some other POS companies have provided a special text format for that is easy to parse.

What the store owner needs to do is put a copy of MALLUPLD.EXE into the default directory on his PC where Fastrack software puts the report file. You also need to create a batch file and place it in that directory using the techniques described above but with the your_directory and your_file set to the right names. A shortcut can then be created and placed on the desktop. To make the process automatic, Windows has a Scheduler application that can be set up to do the batch file execution everyday even in the middle of the night (I like to leave servers on 24/7).

What the store owner then needs to do is at the end of everyday run a M-T-D report, export it in RTF format in the default directory (a directory that will also have MALLUPLD.EXE installed) and then click on a shortcut to the batch file also in that same directory to begin the upload process. I have several customers that have automated this process and some of them do it in the middle of the night long after the store closes.

Once MALLUPLD.EXE is set up right it will always work. Biggest complaint is when the internet fails. BTW, I get very very little complaints about anything, including downtime (internet failure). This is such an easy site to use and maintain by the store owners and dealers. However, suggestions are always welcome and alot of them get implemented.

10 Aug 2005
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