is not a complete Point of Sale (POS) system. However, our MC mini-POS can do a better job than Excel and/or QuickBooks. Please contact us for more info about our mini-POS.

We do connect many already existing POS systems to the internet so your dealers can access their sales. To help you find a suitable POS for your store we have compiled a list of POS's that many of our clients use.

Some of these offer their own internet solutions but we leave it up to you how you'd like to give your dealers access to their sales. Eventually, stores come to us for their on-line reports. Please check out our testimonials to see why.

If you dont know what a Point of Sale system (software) is this might help. Instead of using a conventional cash register or writing receipts by hand, many stores have computerized their cash registers using a PC and POS software. What this does is allows you to record your transactions electronically as you check-out the customer. Having your sales data on a computer now makes it easy (or easier) to manage your dealer sales and print dealer checks along with keeping track of collecting rent money. These specialized POS systems are specifically designed for malls and consignment stores and do a much better job than QuickBook and/or Excel. However, some stores do get their stuff done using QuickBooks or Excel.

Click on the links below to go to their respective websites to get more info. You'll need to ask the publishers what their software can do. We here at cannot make recomendations because we dont know the pros and cons of each.

AAIN any version including Jaguar, Phoenix, and Athena
Auction Flex
Best Consignment Shop Software - NOT Reccommended - poor business practices - Why?.
Dove - coming
Excel - we customize our scripts to work with your format
Go Antiquing - we are 100% compatible
Harbor Touch - coming
Mall Sales Manager (Homestead)
Mallease Falcon (now merged with Software Gallery)
MarketWare by DYMOND - they appear not be actively selling their software
PayPal POS - NEW!!
Peachtree Software - coming
QuickBooks - we customize our scripts to work with your format
Software Business Solutions Dealer Assistant (NEWS)
ShopKeep - coming
Software Gallery - SOS
The MallMaster
Visual Mall Master

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Point of Sale - What it is?

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